King David Silver is weak

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how the hell did you achieve such achievement?

Defiling the limp corpses of hero npcs will never get old

probably cheesed him around building corners and took pot shots at him for 10 minutes until he died

he ain’t weak you just cheesed him


If he was not weak then he wouldn’t have been able to be cheesed. This is an insult to kings and strong people everywhere, Vetex should demote King David into a jester.

Kind David is better than vetex’s brother being king, agree please, his skills are horribly good for a king ranked

Damn this is a mega rip

Yea he needs a buff lol.

He doesn’t need a buff, his AI needs to be improved

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king david does not take long to kill, 2 minutes minimum of cheesing and he gone

What King Silver needs is a busted ass multi beam to exploit the AI 4th dimension tracking algorithm

I think he also needs gear, his health and damage are just based off of his level. Dudes either got random gear that gives him like agility or no gear at all.