Ladies and Gentlemen, We got it

Prometheus Acrimony,
Found in Whispering Cavern Secret, within wooden chest

i was expecting the epiccenter

instead, lamp

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So which is more valuable the actual acrimony or the interchange potion?

i personally prefer the lamp

it looks cooler

unless u need the interchange just keep it around, maybe some new usages will be added to it

fair, but I was wondering about whether or not the potion or the ingredient had more market value

ig the potion? i mean it depends on people tbh

practically, the potion is better

aethestically, the lamp is better ( me )

got it

Since you can make the potion with pretty much any catalyst an acrimony is basically just 2 potions (unless I am astronomically dense)

Wait I’m dumb

wait hol on does the lamp only give you one interchange instead of two like others?

I can’t wait to need 10 acrimony for 1 magic reset.

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I’m forgetting, never actually made an interchange but I have 3 acrimonies so no harm in making one/two I suppose

Checked the wiki it makes two, so I’m pretty sure they’re the same value. I was mostly asking, because I hope to trade it for a sunken sword.