Lady Carina challenges you

Day 2 of trying to post every day till I run out of art
Today it’s Carina one of the rare times I can draw a women


She’s saying “come at me bro” not understanding that she is, in fact, about to die.

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WHY ARE YOU HITTING THE LADY OF THE LADIES… CARINA… that’s it… :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: (I am very sorry)

I dont know why but this art style makes me feel happy and comfortable

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family guy lady carina

Are you that son of a biatch who just killed General Argos and my brother?

Lady Carina vs my planned tank build



Thank you, I’m still experimenting and learning so my art changes a lot this is like a month old so it’s changed a bit but thank you

That’s the realest thing I’ve seen

Oh Carina, the martial artist who has an ego bigger than her muscles, yet ends up far fewer wins than her brother.

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Yes :moyai:

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son of a biznatch (ok at this point you can’t tell what it is :skull:)

Don’t dare say my abuelita that word :skull:.

This is a warning.

im not a granny you biznatch

femboy calvus next?

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NO…. Catboy Morden (joke… maybe)