Land Monsters

Land Monsters
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Currently in the game all the PVE enemies are sea creatures, bosses, and npcs with player builds. I think that with the upcoming update focusing on the dark sea there should be some sort of enemy to fight on land that’s not human.

As we know some sea creatures only arose as a result of magic pollution, this magic pollution in question should’ve also affected land animals, specifically ones found on islands in the dark sea, and these monsters should be called beasts as they act like ones.

Beasts can only be found in the dark sea, and rarely ever on islands that are bordering the dark sea. Every beast can have a stronger variation of itself being larger in size and possibly different in color. These stronger variations can spawn in farther reaches of the dark sea.

Examples of beasts

A giant boar

Thanks to the lack of life found within the dark sea, they consume everything they see. This includes the player which it can detect with its powerful nose.

It would ram into the player with it’s tusks and would occasionally jump up to stomp on the player. It is quite tanky and is overall slow except when it’s ramming.

Could drop ironskin potion reagents (such as it’s tusk and hide). As well as meat which can be used in cooking to offer the defense up stat.

Mole like creatures

They hide in the ground and in walls of caves ambushing any passerby. Hide in holes which can be noticed as the earth seems to be disrupted around that area. It is quite fragile and can be easily killed but it deals a lot of damage if it manages to successfully ambush the player. After it leaves its hole it will automatically try digging another hole to protect itself. You could destroy the hole with an attack to unearth it.

Could drop invisibility potion reagents (such as it’s hide and claws) as well as meat.

Bat like creatures

They spawn randomly near islands in the dark sea and can detect an incoming ship. Once they detect a ship they fly high above it and circle it for a bit (waiting for more of its kind to come) then swoop down to grab the player or any crew member and sucks the blood out of them, slowly killing them.

The player can prevent this by using their ship attachments to shoot them and scare them away. (Could also use regular attacks) However if the player only manages to hit them once then that won’t be enough to scare them away but instead of swooping down and grabbing a living person they would grab any object they can (like cargo and sealed chests). When one of them has an object they fly at an extremely slow rate and one hit would make them drop the object.

The player can also spam a button (same mechanic as when stuck in a whirlpool) in an attempt to escape the creatures grasp.

Could drop agility potion reagents using its wings and clearsight/revealing potion reagents using its eyes. The eyes are used to make clearsight potions at weaker variations but with stronger variations it makes revealing potions.

Btw the examples are completely optional, voting for this suggestion means you vote for the idea not necessarily the creatures said.


Idea Dark sea enemies

Add the Thresher, lion fish which is a sea monster, meglodaunt, owl, and add a giant monkey for a optional boss in dark seas

iirc this wont be implemented because vetex has a hard time animating animals. the most he can do is animate the chomping motion of sharks

i’m pretty sure that one of the reasons why there aren’t any land monsters is because they’re not submerged in magic-irradiated water for every second of their life

He can hire animators if he really doesn’t want to, he’s holding the game back with his skill issue and rarely getting help (that we know of)

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you and i both know he aint gonna hire people for his game. the only help hes gonna get are from people close to him


They’re not submerged that is true but they have stayed the exact same amount of time as a sea creature but on land aka in magic polluted air.

That means they basically should have developed the same mutations since they are constantly in a polluted area and I’d argue they should be more mutated than sea creatures.

With everything we have I think it’s safe to say magic pollution is more potent in air than water. Magic pollution literally caused cloud particles (gas) to solidify and become the basis for sky islands, while the effects of magic pollution in water is so minor that it’s only noticeable when drinking or brewing said water.

Another thing is that we see a lot of these sea creatures leave the dark sea, since the dark sea is mainly water and almost every single entry point to it is water meaning they can basically leave the polluted waters whenever. But the land animals would be stuck on the islands thus making them always prone to the magic polluted air.

Dam, that makes a lot of sense tho

If that were the case, then I’m not sure if curse users would be as strong as they are or even exist. If the air was as polluted as the ocean waters (which curse users cannot be submerged in), then just about every curse user including Durza would’ve died from the big blast or some time afterwards. So most events in AA wouldn’t have happened, and the War Seas would be fighting over something that aren’t sea curses.

cloud particles, which are basically evaporated water particles. most of those come from the sea.

the sea has literally produced this thing right here


Need I say more?

Another thing I should mention is how there’s giant variants of sea monsters within the dark seas, which is most probably also a result of the amount of magic pollution that resides within the seas.

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