Last post for today / Extra details and how they might work

Big towns like Ironport and Summer Hold having their own police.
Police in Ironport and Rivervile will have some actions:
Rebellion control: Citizens will get angry and suddenly attack an other citizen, the guard will try to resolve the situation.
Patrolling: guards will patrol the inner and out area of the towns, they will also spawn little police camps, making the security even more tighter.
Being arrested by a local police will send you to a small police department cell to serve time.
Uniform: Vistarian Armor, Spear/Crossbow.
Summer Hold Police: They will also have some actions:
Royal guards: Two guards will be standing on both sides of King David Silver throne, anyone who attempts an raid will be halted by those two.
Patrolling: local police will patrol inner and out area, they will also spawn camps, making the security tighter.
Scouts: Local scouts will be watching on the top of a mountain, they’ll alert the local police if they see a dark wizard temple or evil player coming closer.
Being arrested by castlian police will send you to a local police department cell to serve time.

Family Disowning: After reaching a negative rep, the family will disown you, leaving with only first time, second name can be purchased inside a dark wizard hideout witch/warlock in exchange of some crowns.

Sidekick: Players can choose another player to be their sidekick, sidekicks can heal and support the leader on a fight.

Wandering merchants: (ALREADY IN TRELLO) wandering merchants having a low spawn rate, can either be pos and neg rep, or even a magic council merchant.
They can sell you rare items, weapons, enchantment, and also a scroll for 2nd magic.

That’s all for today, see ya guys tomorrow!

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family disowning is also part of the trello i think

just giving some suggestions.

Why would there be police? They already have the magic council. The royal guard idea would be good in theory, but there is no way it would actually work. Besides, King Silver is the most powerful person in Summerhold. Wandering Merchants is on the trello and Vetex confirmed family disowning on twitter. Sorry, but the sidekick idea is a bad idea.

the magic council does not let towns have their own prison, and therefore police, as mentioned by king david.

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