Late introduction


apparently I already had an account on here and have posted before, which is funny because I don’t remember posting anything at all on the forums. guess this is a late introduction


welcome back person.

very very slightly late introduction.

You can see your previous posts, comments and threads made via your profile.
you can access it by tapping your profile picture.
Seems like you’ve only made 2 trading threads and like 7-10 posts on a “continue the story” forum game

dw I noticed that before I made the post, still really weird how it’s been 2 years since I’ve last been on this account lol

2 years of touching grass ruined by returning to this god forsaken place

just a small bit late

Welcome back to the forums :clap:

Welcome back.
Unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing to do here anymore.
Alot of stuff happened while you were gone though.

Like a lot lot.

Thank you for the compliment good sir

Hey, a little late to be saying this, but uh… welcome to the forum!

I make crappy images using a photo editor, as gifts for new forumers! so… what crappy image would you like?