Latest update broke #game-discussion for me

What is the issue?

After the latest update, going to the #game-discussion page no longer works properly. I can see only the latest posts per category, but cannot scroll further down.

Additionally, going back to the categories screen, by clicking on the logo on the top left leaves that page broken, showing almost nothing, until I reload it.

I can still go to a #game-discussion topic by link, I just can’t go to the category page. Going to a subcategory is broken in the same way as the Categories page.

Browsers tested (all extensions disabled)


Librewolf 96.03 (Firefox 96.03 fork)


DuckDuckGo Browser 5.112.0 (Chrome WebView based, I think)

Steps to reproduce

Go to #game-discussion.
Witness first breakage.
Go to either the categories page or a subcategory and see a different type of breakage.

Alternatively, go directly to a subcategory of #game-discussion directly, and witness the same breakage as above.


it seems multiple site features are down, #game-discussion and the polls along with not being able to see if people are online or not (the green highlight around their pfp)

basically teh website is broken

has to do with the website being down earlier today

It was down because of an update.

Working on it, as any update happens there is possibilitys to forum-breaking bugs. For example the current reason why game discussion and art are not working is becuase topic previews plugin broke.