LATOM selling a bunch of dull amulets, arrows and wizard hat

trading 3 regular arrows for 1 smoke arrow each. also trading
forceful pink wizard hat for 50 smoke arrows,
magic speed amulet(dull) for 50 smoke arrows,
a destruction amulet (dull) for 50 smoke arrows,
magic size amulet (dull) for 50 smoke arrows,
and a power amulet level 110(dull) for 50 smoke arrows.
x2 knockback amulet (dull) for 30 smoke arrows
brown valk for 25 smoke arrows
green wizard robe for 100 smoke arrows
iron helm for 10 smoke arrows
all the amulets are clean and non enchanted

Meme Sans#3769

i dont want to be toxic but
forceful pink wizard for 50 smokes?
magic speed for 50 smokes?
destruction for 50 smokes?
size for 50 smokes?
power lvl 110 for 50 smokes?
2 knockbaks for 30 smokes?
no enchants for amulets?
this is practically a scam, and of course you’re from latom

if you dont like my pricing then dont trade, simple enough

what i’m saying it is you should change it, no one with more than 10 iq will buy it because they know that every bonus except power and defense either does not work or is not noticeable. I’ve even heard that vetex had said on twitter than only power and defense will be noticeable until lvl 300

what do you suggest i change it to then

don’t sell anything except power and defense, maybe some vanity items on demand. the rest are completely useless right now and are just treated as crowns. sell those useless items at any npc shopkeeper

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