The state of this game is an absolute joke. Especially the new update. Nothing actually challenging was added, all it is, is just a tedious grind for items that will be outdated in the next update in 8 months. The dark sea isn’t a challenge, it’s a chore. You don’t actually feel threatened in it, nor should you. The whole concept of the dark sea is just going from one island to another, avoiding the 900 waves and lightning strikes every 3 seconds to find an island that has the same 2-3 structures on it with the same horsepiss easy npc guarding a few chests. The only cool concept were the sirens, but a singular mob won’t save an update that took 6 fucking months to release.
When I previously brought up the fact that Snow, Lightning and Ice get free stuns with every move in the dark sea due to the permanent soaked status fact, Vetex’s response was and I quote: “no one cares”.
With responses like this it’s no surprise that the updates are almost as poor as the interest he has for actually fixing dogshit unintentional unbalances.
Where did the development time actually go? Surely Vetex didn’t just code randomly spawning in waves and lightning strikes with fancy whacky colours for 6 months? SUUUURELY NOT RIGHT?

TLDR: Garbage update, nothing actually good added.

PS: Please remove the fucking disgusting water poison debuff, it isn’t a threat nor is it a cool feature. It’s an inconvenience and ruins the little fun the dark sea actually provides.


hi rb1


Someone has not been to the further reaches


The update took like 4 months but ok. Everything else for the most part is a valid point, but in all honesty I only really care about the “water poison debuff” from the rain, that is needlessly annoying. I get if we get it by dipping into the water, maybe buff the severity as we go deeper into the Dark Sea, but the rain is just a bit much if you ask me. At the very least give us some way to negate it for longer than the CD for receiving it.

Before I bring up a possible answer, I want to ask, have you ever coded before?


that point is justified actually, the enemies are insane stat bags, but dumb af

No one cares


The further reaches that consist of even more coloured tsunamis and lightning bolts, with a brand new feature of having your screen violently change colours and shake. Really threatening. The only thing you could consider a “challenge” here is the mobs being absurdly leveled, but those are legitimately just stat checker npcs and aren’t suppose to be fought against at the current level we are at in the game.

wow, imagine caring about a free update in a free game made by 1 person that much

keep malding


Challenge? what challenge… These are normal NPCs they’re aren’t supposed to have any special gimmicks (unlike Sirens) they’re essentially a level 10 pirate NPC just with stronger attacks, like Commodore Kai and Merlot because they have no pattern whatsoever.

Also since when did an RPG game NOT get grindy? That’s like, the main essence of an RPG game, man.

The only challenge in the Dark Sea is the hazards, water poisoning and insanity confusion, which all tailors to what a sailor would experience when sailing about a sea he doesn’t really know (or sailing in the storm), simply put supply management.


We’re technically only supposed to really explore insanity 1 and 2 ranges, 3 and above is too much for us (this is especially true for the Far Reaches). So unless you expect Vetex to add in Abyssal, Apollyon, new enemy types/bosses into the Far Reaches that will all 1 shot us… Then, and only then, is this way of thinking at all justified.

that’s because we really don’t, it’s not that big of an issue

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Yeah nobody does. Ice and snow are weak anyway, and who the hell wants to PVP in the dark sea, the PVE area.

He doesn’t balance the game, the balance team does. Bring issues up with them in the balancecord and I’m sure they’re more than happy to take advice.

Mutated Atlanteans with claws exist.

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To bring another point up, if you’re just on the forums to complain to Vetex, leave.
This place is supposed to incite discussion about the game, not as a ground for arguments. Vetex has said to contact him via twitter if you need him, not on the forums.

i thought the same thing, until i got to the insanity 2 area and-


what the hell is that damage

Cry about it.
You may hate this update, but your word is not fact.
There are plenty of people (me included) that love it.
So, as i said:

sombody died in the dark sea with 20 chests

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I’ve died twice with at least over 13-15

i died with around 30 chests bc of a bug lmao

Technically one of mine was from that too, surge (at least on poison) doesn’t inflict stacks properly. So the result of that is a net loss in damage output which would’ve been enough DoT damage for me to survive a ship fight with an Atlantean.