Lawrence Cain, The Hushed Apex

The art I did for the poster collab! The vert first rendered art of Lawrence. It’s about time he got something of his own



neither chaotrix nor the rothschilds will save you this time buddy…

tip for dealing with surge in your case:

Walk away from it.

with this treasure i summon

eight handled sword divergent sila divine general @notverycreative :pregnant_man:

blast > javelin > blast > staff e :exploding_head: :scream: :fearful:

nah, i’d cannon fist

Bro got the camera man to let him pose

The person who took this photograph 100% died immediately after.

Also holy shit the way this has come out… This is hella impressive, Ghostly! I don’t know what exactly it is that’s brought it all together (lighting? shading? blending?? I mix all the terms up too often), but… Sheesh, it’s good.

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thank you! i tried making the lighting vevry interesting for this piece
wanna make a good first impression for his first rendered work, ya know