Leaderboard-High Renown or Meta Build?

i can’t metamance and be emperor of the sea at the same time

if i metamance, i obviously would switch files and thus lose all the gained renown i had

what should i favor/go for
  • Emperor of the Sea
  • Metamancer Build

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also yeah… emperor of the sea is my endgoal in AO along with being the best pvper
if only you could transfer renown across different files or change your first magic and stat build freely infinitely

also im currently a magma acid mage and would switch to crystal warlock

:sob: :sob: :sob:

you will never become the “best pvper” if you keep metachasing lol
its your build thats carrying you, not your skill
maybe you will get emp with a meta build yes, but definitely never best pvper

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you speak facts

use trash build and beat up metamancers cuz why not