Leaks when

Leaks when🌛
Me truest reaction to no leaks in a month

When I decide it’s time

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it appears there is a faucet leak


fr games close to release we need sum leaks

Isn’t that a reason not to leak a game?


I think Vetex said he’s not really that passionate rn about getting photos or clips for leaks.

Never, each time you ask you ruin vetexs motivation to get leaks even more, pushing back when we get to see them

what a silly looking moose

I feel like the wanting to see somebody’s product would encourage them to work harder and make it better for you that why vetex doesn’t want to show combat leaks so he can make it better

right now

Except every time he’s leaked something people have voiced disapproval of small things, which he’s said is pretty demotivating

Screenshot (1)

the majority loves his game and are eagerly awaiting its arrively (me asf)

and vetex just posted new leaks, lets gooo https://twitter.com/_vetex/status/1581448422103842818

lol vetex answered ur prayers

THank you so much