Learn new words and show off your vocabulary

This is a thread for showing some words that you would use.

Tenebrous - dark, shadowy basically
Arbitrate - to judge
Shtick - a common trait
Erroneous - incorrect
Inauspicious - relating to bad luck
Effulgent - very radiant
Craggy - bumpy
Quash - to stop
Edifice - large structure
Tumultuous - chaotic
Cantankerous - grumpy
Crabby - grumpy again
Immolate - to destroy with fire
Cameleopard - archaic giraffe.
Serpentine - Complex
Bulwark - something that acts as a defense
Capricious - Erratic and unpredictable. Changes often

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I usually use salutations as a greetings, but it’s probably a well-known word

I know a whole buncha random words but never use them.

You guys are big fucking Cameleopards

I ain’t a giraffe though.

Just share interesting words you know down here.

Well just share the words. Doesn’t matter if it is common or not.

crabby is pretty common

I didn’t say it wasn’t.

Yeah, but at the same time it’s still pretty rare in a sense

Checkmar - Something in simlish

Sims language damn.

Anyone here got some interesting words to show whether it is common or rare.
I got another word
Sporadic - at highly varying intervals.

Thank you mako for not send me a rickroll with different words

No problem.

Macabre - disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury.

Cobra - a highly venomous snake native to Africa and Asia that spreads the skin of its neck into a hood when disturbed.

macobre - some dumb bitch npc

Your words go brrrrr

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So anymore words? Doesn’t have to be rare.

Adjective: childishly silly and trivial
Childish, mostly negative connotation.

Oooh that is a word I have never seen before. Imma share another one.
Kerfuffle - commotion