Leather armor

question: if there are no animals (with the exception of sharks and fish) where is the leather coming from?

Bro there are obviously animals, they are just not added cause it’s a waste of time.

Hair? idk

I thought they all canonically died

Oh yea, I forgor. Cursebeard had a grudge against livestock or smth.

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humans have skin too you know

the answer might just be on around you

they might be added in the future tho

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well currently (in wom lore) magius is a new continent, sure in wom lore it’s been over a millennium ago, but none of those ships had any animals on them, and unless vetex says “duck it let’s go back to wom.” (And I have extreme amounts of doubt that is going to happen) we just need to assume that the leather is from humans, but hey that explains where all the dead people end up.

Or you know, Vetex could have just not said animals were on it, because it does not have to be implied. Human skin cannot function at all as leather. And the Magic Council sure as hell would not allow people to be skinning their friends for some hide.

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