Legendary chart in the nimbus sea but im at a loss

i have tried everywhere in the red. Do you guys have any idea???

rip sameria charts

ur using the map website right

i am, i believe its not yet correct for sameria

according to the website its here, but this leaves basically no room for high cliffs

ye don’t trust on it

Check up in this area.

This part is likely still technically part of SW. Sameria is rather wide.

thanks, i tried the bit right next to Caitara but its possible its north of the scorching dunes

by the way, i had a common chart with the same prompt and i did find it (unfortunately not the legendary one though) and here’s where it was

did you check on top of these yet?
i used to think they were undiggable but there’s actually a bit of exposed sand on them you can search

i tried all the parts you can dig on, no luck

are you searching with any shovel enchants?

no enchantments on this file

Just dig up all of Sameria (complete sentence)

I’ve got my revenge