Legendary oath


TFW you have all of the exileds abilities

Where tf did you find the green chest

…Or did a legendary chart lead you to green exiled

Is this legit? I don’t think it’s legit, where is Legendary Minotaur Axe?

its not, maybe just photoshop or a bug

Nah it’s legit my friend showed it to me

In the game?

ah yes, now you get the exiled’s AoE slash as an extra

Yeah bro he let me use it for a little too

how good.?

Tbh vastira is better

tbh the legendary oath seems weak

but it won’t be in arcane odyssey-

i mean its cool and all but i’d rather use old sword

legendary oath confirmed more valuab-
headless confirmed still the most valuable

Headless is rare af and the thing is you had to work for it in game so a bunch of people could not obtain it due to things they needed to do in real life.