Let me solo him

“Let me solo him with weapons only”

Some behind scene story

As some of you know, almost 2.5 months i spend on east of Ukrain in mountains. I did’nt had my computer so i had alot of non-gaming freetime, and i discovered some stuff for me, one of them were Elden Ring. I quickly loved stupidity of “Let me solo her”, and so when i got back home(may 23) and after some rest, i decided to come back to #art category of forum and reveive it.


The structure of photo i took from thumbnail to THIS video(I really liked that, go watch it):

ELDEN RING RAP - "Solo" (Let Me Solo Her Song) - YouTube

And KDS was the first who came in my mind to replace the Malenia(Mainly due to Fire particles that presented on thumbnail). At first i wanted to make KDS “Walk” to ‘Lets me solo her’, but it was too confusing from a front perspective so i decided to stay on what you see now.


So you know of the legend himself

“i am david, king of summerhold. and i have never known defeat.”

epic remake of let me solo her a giga chad might do this for AO

Just a reminder, this man is not even using a armor

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Now do it with iris


‘‘why would you need defence when you have no intension of getting hit’’

This makes me want pot hat in AO.

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If I do make a let me solo her based file I would need agility because what’s the point of defense if your not planning to get hit

Thats hella epic

Archipelago with the bangers