Let's brainstorm Gel Potion Combos

I wonder if potion cannonballs will exist someday since certain potions have ocean effects

So uh… gonna try magic savant cuz “lotta buttons”

Acid imbue Poison dagger
Plasma imbue Burning Potion
Plasma and Thermo Fist
Sunken Sword and throw Arctic Potion combo

Max out lightning intensity

Just pour water gel on your hands

Spam explosion, nobody can do anything because they’re paralyzed.

Stuns have a 10 second cooldown.

Light + Charred
I want to see if light magic will have some sounds and effects just like aether magic

0.7 second stun
10 second cooldown

didn’t they change stuns to 1 second?

I think paralysis is still 0.7

I think it’s affected by intensity. Could be wrong. Lightning’s paralysis is still one of the worst status effects in the game, though.

I’ve heard that it should be one second but it’s currently bugged.

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