Let's brainstorm Gel Potion Combos

Right now there are two ways ‘Potion Imbuing’ as I’ve been calling it could work:

Option 1

The potion effect OVERWRITES your magic/fighting style/weapon effect

Option 2

The potion effect STACKS with your magic/fighting style/weapon effects

Either of these are very tantalizing options when contemplating potential combos and the options it opens up. For example:

If the blinding potion is the SAME blinding effect as light magic, does that mean that for as long as you are blinded (which is likely to last longer as it is a potion effect), Light users would receive their damage buff? If light conjurers apply blinding to their weapons, does that mean they hit two stacks at once, or one long lasting stack?

Brainstorming like this could open up a whole realm of possibilities for every class.

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I feel like this could easily make those attack speed builds (like thermo or light gattling gun builds) become utterly busted by giving them effects that do fucked up things.

It’d probably be a lesser version of imbuement with 50% less effectiveness, 50% less duration and 50% less potency or something so that it won’t be that busted and only for slight advantages like how food buffs work unless it’s a high tier.

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the problem here is does the potion imbue before the bleed, after the bleed, or after the entire attack

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burning on acid will give 25% extra damage to corroding targets and vice versa, as well as extra damage to overheating and bleeding targets

water gel on ice pulsar

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Ice gel on wind pulsar

One I thought of was blinding. If the blinding potion effect is the same as the magic effect, then wouldn’t that mean that it gives Light their bonus damage?

no frozen damage boost tho

lightning/shadow conjurer with fire gel bout to look scrumptious

Oh my fucking god I just realized poison gel metal
2x damage

Water magic + lightning magic and ice gel finna go crazy

unrelated but your clan ownder badge(?) appear comically large for some reason

this has happened twice now too, wonder if its just me

the power of using 2 blinding gels with light pulsar with 200% size and .25 pulse rate

i assume it stacks, sorta like ice/lightning and sunken
speaking of ice/lightning conjurers if they stack then they can get their stun synergy a lot easier
im not sure if it would stack for double effects cos i dont think you get double poison when using poison tooth dagger and poison conjurer, unless that’s a bug

Step 1. Use poison/ ash at maximum intensity
Step 2. Imbue a t5 smoke potion with gel
Step 3. Enjoy!

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idc I’m putting insanity on everything

I will literally drive everyone I meet insane


Gonna call it the ‘Soul Shreeder Style’ when I use my fists.

If these potions create obstacles, then I have an idea:

We get 3 ships, all caravals for max speed and movement. The idea is simple: We forcefully beach ships by surronding them with islands, and then proceed to ram them into fucking oblivion with a single powerful rammer. We get 2 of the ships to chuck potions of the element we want, flanking the victim. We then get the rammer to well, ram.

Is this effective? No. Can this be done more effectively with cannons? Now i think about it, yeah. Um…

Supernova sand potion