Lets discuss Artisan Weapons…

So, my main build will be a Warrior build, which means at least 60% of my stats must be in weapons stat (mostly swords lol), and once i read the part in the trello about Artisan Weapons, i was instantly intrigued. Artisan Weapons are special weapons only accessible to a Warrior class according to the trello card. This makes me wonder what kind of buffs these weapons will have? Maybe a unique skill set plus some sort of bonus in damage and/or speed compared to other weapons?


I always liked the idea of anime including special types of magics that don’t apply direct damage, but act as buffs on the user’s strength. Something of the sorts could be called “enhancement magic” It does sound interesting, and unique. You could argue that they could just include spells like that for each magic type though. But wouldn’t it be more interesting if you had to trade the power of magic for physical strength?

Agreed. I don’t find it challenging to see a Mage build with Lost Magic die at the hands of an equal or lesser powered Warrior build with an Artisan Weapon, as I personally think that Mage classes can only put up a fight against other Mage Classes—with the melee classes having so many dash moves and whatnot, it would be easy for them to get close combat with the Mage and destroy them with combos and skills.

It would be fun.

mages will probably also get access to dodge and melee spells tho since all of the builds should be about equal in power


You forgot Self Explosion seplls and Zone Lost Spell, Mages can easily kill at melee distances. :nod:

as well as the charging magic energy exploding thing if that’s still planned

Ye I forgot that, it’s gonna be chaotic

Mages are just gonna make everything explode every 2 seconds

Do note that AO is months from releasing still and that pvp isn’t a huge focus at the moment. Wait until it comes out before you make assumptions like that


And bursting aura, which is basically an automatic self-explosion every second

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I am half hoping that these artisan weapons will have more than the planned 5 skills maybe an extra one or 2 and maybe they have some extra functionality like claws making it easier to climb or smth

I don’t want to discuss Artisan Weapons…