Let's give a big round of applause to JTN

His work was recognized by vetex and now he’s officially a contributor for AO



this is actually real woah

wow such amaze

Good for him, his fake Arcane leaks were pretty nice too.

JTN can finally make Agnis canon

I remember that a few of the images JTN posted in his thread contained AO’s actual maps as backgrounds, appearing 100% identical to how they do in the game.

This seems to explain how he got his hands on those assets!

Nah bro Agnis would be such a good gravy member to add in to AO’s storyline

So JTN’s art can now be considered canon? Lol?

In theory, yes.
In practice, lets hope JTN is a persuasive one.

Arcane odyssey npc drip update

Please, I hope so