Lets see how long you can survive for

You guys use horniness, then click this link if you dare

just typed a random thing in the link

i lasted half a second btw
i opened the page and immediately closed it

I lasted 24 seconds and i had to click off because it was too cursed

Lol, i just put fetish cause i heard how DeviantArt was just a fetish place

look at it for 10 seconds

Eh, it’s cool and all
But I’m not exactly interested in this stuff

(around 2 minutes btw)

no i already found bronco’s deviant art and have been scarred for life

Strange, the deviant logo looks awfully similar to Vetex’s…

want to see something that will make you pee your pants?


So long eeveelution squad, we’ve had a long ride…

It was basically the only thing I used DA for, I’ve been on there before, I know how to survive it

Pro tip: Don’t type in tf, trust me

I didn’t last a second

I’m too scared to click

At least if you don’t have an account or your account age is under 18 you can’t see (most) NSFW.

I survived 4 seconds till this furry came up. Dear god.


I’m concerned.

what if you dont have a account?

Told ya, now he more careful next time if the challenge moves to furrafinity

If its furaffinity then I aint clickin that. Nothing against furries but what I just saw in deviant art haunts me.