Lettuce has steam and a checking account now. What games should he get?

“Don’t say I don’t recommend good games”

  • Some guy playing a bad game in a YouTube AD

Also, two rules:

  1. Online games with random servers like among us and lethal company aren’t necessarily the best ideas since my dad is a hockey about who I interact with online.

  2. Can’t be too gorey. I’m sensitive that way.

Current games I own:

  • RoR 2
  • Pizza tower (Thanks bio!)
  • No man’s sky
  • Your only move is hustle

Account name is 1amalettuce should anyone want to friend request me i guess

A game you can run with your pc specs

Lethal Company!

While I would love to own that my dad is a jockey about who I interact with online
So uh
Sorry but no

hollow knight


geometry dash

BTD6, silly bloon popper.

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trust me, it’s worth it

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect and Commander
Its name is very self explanatory.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy
A different take on a roguelike game, when your character dies, the world and their actions in it persist, though there are ways to lose the entire world.

Ghost trick:detective phantom
Hollow knight
Both the Ori games
I would say the project moon games but you said no gore so not those, unfortunately
These are the ones in my mind for now

Hollow knight
Wizard of legend
Blasphemous 1 & 2 ( gore nudity warning)
Nier Automata
Cyberpunk (gore and nudity warning)
Slay the spire (if you liked Roblox hexaria it’s a little similar with rouge like elements)
Elden ring
Hyper light drifter

Oh right Hades exists on steam too, yea that one as well
Add dead cells while you’re at it

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If you like colony Sims/city builders try rimworld

play ultrakill and turn off blood :fr:

ok but actually play bloons td 6

Outer Wilds, it’s a completely non-linear space exploration story-ish game. I mean non-linear by the fact that nothing is locked off from you, you’re only limited by your knowledge of the game which makes you explore to learn more

Bug fables
Low storage, low price (20$) and tons of fun! A paper Mario inspired game that’s cute and very charming!

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I remember watching someone play through this game a long time ago. great stuff!

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Uhhh. You should play, No Straight Road, now!

The Entire Paradox Interactive Library (Self explanatory)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (All Main DLCs if you can. Drive around europe. Might need a driving wheel)

From the Depths (Build naval ships)

Space Engineers (Build space ships)

Nebulous Fleet Command (Get overwhelmed by how many things you have to do kill one spaceship, and you have to do it 10 times and not become a hulk. One day shipping included)

Foxhole (Light Gore (just blood and funny ragdolls) but you will have to interact with people to effectively play (teamwork is a must). Sorry but recruitment quota is going up. Join Wardens not the stinky collie goblins!)