Lettuce rates your drip

finally, you’re realizing you’re trapped in this mindset of shadowpilled stupidity, now can you get to stage 2?

Lilith’s drip is cute. Nice way of using the mage arms to make those loose sleeves.

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Rate all my files (Dulzura has wings I just forgot to add them)

Don’t think i’ve posted my file’s drip here, but i am currently trying to change his drip…well, most of my files’s drip.

Akos: the sombrero sticks out way too much. It’s not like he’s a mariachi either, he’s a prince.

Dulzura: Too edgy. The white colors of his outfit don’t really click with me either.

Icarus: insert funny SpongeBob reference here.

Takeshi: the gravy outfit makes him not really remarkable tbh. The blues are neat though.

Felix: kinda of the same deal though I feel like the beard is a little out place. Also, snow magic!

Rune: please wear shoes. The twins at least have an explanation, Vega’s iron leg and Corrina flies everywhere.

The scarf sticks out like a sore thumb and the ice armor looks goofy honestly. Also, the hair looks bland too. Maybe change to a jacket of sorts for the armor.

Simple but effective. Gives me vibes to bio’s current drip though, not like that’s a bad thing. Not much to say honestly.


Simple but not very effective honestly.

Alright fair enough, The Sombrero is a joke between me and my friend, who found one and refused to let go of it. Hence, the clan.

Originally Akos didn’t wear a hat and I had a black bandit mask on him.

Yeah idk when he became so grey he was originally supposed to be lighter shaded.

You’re now wanted by the man himself, 1421.

Wish we could customise the gravy outfit somewhat

Felix is a very old 18 year old you see. He’s experienced plenty of assassinations in his time, hence was never promoted (I wanted to put a monocle on him for the memes but once again no customisation.)

Rune would canonically read this message and wear shoes less often. Spite is her four point threeth middle name.

If I ever make an Iri/Akiro/Zion/Lumi file I’ll post it here but the new files are expensive and I never managed to get that 1k from Artanaris

my mans going ultra instinct

so this is what they look like



Turns out his mystery amulet is a hair regrowth amulet

That’s only because i do not know any good male hair combos to begin with :person_shrugging:.

Any recommendations on that? i don’t really know which jacket could fit the drip i am going for.

rate the Nimbus Sea James glow up

im light crystal mage
the sunken sword i have still equiped since i joined nimbus when the wipe incident happened
The egg of the sky on my shoulder from my og old acc i used to play ao on (the acc is shit)
all white therugist