Lettuce's silly little drawing continuum

right colors

I never realized I got the colors wrong oops

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Oh yeah, I made ‘death itself’ a stuffed toy.
He’s a character from @Cryonical , but in his lore Raus is supposed to be death itself.



Oh yeah, does he look like a persona?

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It’s him again…


New lettuce persona spotted >:0

I’ll explain Raus more in-depth on my lore thread soon, probably, but I’m still working on them.

It could be spelled “Raus” (what I use) or “Ras” (accurate spelling to zanshi). The name means “Winter”. The words for the seasons came before the characters based on them, all except for “Creed” (summer).

…this results in Ras’s name being inadvertently a reference to Bob Ross, who I named the word for winter after for his winter mountain paintings and my general liking for the guy.

The drawing you presented here is more accurate to Ras before the cirra incident, where they were skewered by Calamity after breaking from their control and attempting to fight them. Here, they devolved into more of a horror-like and more accurate representation of winter. In lore they are referred to as some kind of demonic entity because of this.

Before the Cirra incident, they were a “greater” chaotic proxy. Ras was generally intelligent, slightly sarcastic, and vain, with an interesting accent, though I never fully decided on that. They had bright blue eyes, breathed ice, which is why Calamity targeted their torso in the incident.

Here, they were more referred to as Jack Frost, though they are uncommonly called this later. I’ve sometimes went as far as to picture them in a festive north pole setting, with elvish ears. Honestly, I enjoy this, so I’ll probably stick to it, though it changes little of their monstrous future form, which I’ll expand on later.

Ras stands at 8’11. They weighed more (and were a bit shorter) before the incident but I haven’t bothered making a canon weight.

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Corrina, but without her hair…


Who is THAT
That is not Corrina that’s an average highschooler at the most


He’s Just standing there… MENACINGLY!!!

(Abyss sea tickled my fancy so I wanted to draw my concept for Atlantean Vega)


Speaking of him, I wrote a story in Corrina’s POV before he fully mutated into this! Writing is a form of art as well, so this counts!

Oh yeah and have a few more plushies while we’re at it.

Winter Winters is the pale guy btw

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A bunch of Corrina designs for now
She loves spaghetti, absolute favorite food for her


Life hasn’t been the greatest for me recently, mostly because a lot of things are coming down at once - getting a job, lacking a social life, still needing time to learn how to drive, etc. it’s all been super stressful, not the greatest for me.

Anyways, squishy girl.


Why did you kill off VEGA… :sob:

Starting to enter adult-hood
Good luck son…

Wish you luck on this new chapter :pray:

Vega isn’t dead, but he’s not fine either…

Any atlanntean I consider is a dead person

Rip vega lit bro…