Lf/buying atlan essence

putting essence on sw increases power so i want to buy some to min max more
i have some exotic scrolls and 13k galleons, used to have 100k but spent it on my gem dealer
also got some decent boss drops but lmk what you want for the essence

real men play on insanity 3, THE VOICES CALL OUT TO ME GIVE ME ESSENCE
time is european
it is 10:30 pm for me rn
please message me beforehand

update: going to sleep, pm me until then

how many galleons for 1

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i believe i have 13k rn
perhaps 10k + adds, they’re really expensive right now
also i’m staying up i LOVE arguing with strangers

so you would pay 10k+adds for it

i could do 20k if i sold most of my junk items
add on discord: stupidlysimple

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