LF Calvus Cape, Chesr or Legs and kai sabre


2x Pulsar Scroll
1x Hard
1x Swift
1x Sturdy

1x Triasta(lvl 100)
1x Stormcaller(Bursting)(Lvl 120)
1x Poison tooth Dagger(Bursting)(lvl 90)
1x Elius Spear(Strong)(lvl 60)

1x Crown of Ravenna(Amplified)(lvl 120)
1x Carina Gi(Swift)(lvl 120)
1x Carina Bracelet(lvl 100)
1x Argos Chest(lvl 80)
4x Elius Chest(lvl 100)
1x Grey Shroud(Nimble)(lvl 120)
1x Vermillion Bracelet(lvl 20)
1x Defense Amulet(lvl 100)
2x Attack Size Amulet(lvl 100)
1x Intensity Amulet(lvl 100)
1x Agility Amulet(lvl 100)
(All amulets are fair)

Lesser Fire Ram
DM Sabo #7529

I have all of that, are you offering all of that or part of it? What exactly is your offer?

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