LF Cerynx's Faulds

I’ll trade Cerynx’s boots and Apostle faulds for them

I think I have them

dope can you get on anytime soon?

in like 6 hours ye

(I have a class from 2 till 5:30)


I have no idea what timezone you’re in but I’m guessing you’re about an hour behind me so like thirty minutes til your done with class? Unless you were off when you said 6 hours

You alive? Can you get on now?

oh sorry I stayed in the mosque till maghrib then I did taleem then somebody invited me to their house so I’m back now and now I’m gonna sleep
can you tmrw?

sorry lol

about 10:30 pm rn

yeah I can, its cool

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Imagine I don’t have them lol

Yeah okay I was right then you are an hour behind me

That would suck ass

You available now?

nvm I got them now

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Oof opticalcord missed his chance. Btw i bet he’s gonna react to this post lol



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Yooooooo no reaction! What a surprise