Lf drowned/frozen/superheated mystic hood

Willing to buy/trade an exotic scroll for it. Been diving and treasure hunting for two days and no luck

I have a frozen mystic hood if you want .3.

Username is Biologically_Noob


UOOOHHH be with you in a few mins

What scroll you want? Or how much galleons you charging it for

Would you happen to have a dense scroll?


That’ll be fine :D!

i got a Drowned Mystic Hood u interested?

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Yup! Whatcha want for it

What exotics scrolls do you currently have?
Or you got any modifier items preferably a modified agility amulet fair?

joining u rn u ingame?

Yes, I’m ingame rn

trade my drown mystic hood for your crystallised agility? (is that agility? i cant tell xD


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aites im down to trade for that

join me, same username as forums

user : virityss6

oh ok

wait dont im joining u rn