LF: Hard Sunken Chestplate

I can offer a strong oath + bunch of mino and exiled armor + hallowen limiteds/crowns if needed

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sadly your offer isnt worth a hard sunken chest. You will most certainly need other sunkens or a headless head to get it on the forums. Maybe in-game where people dont really know the values they will trade with you

lol b r u h

why did the prices go up?> _ >
did they make sunken items rarer to get?

boss drops are just super easy to get now since theres less people hunting bosses while sunkens only got rarer since you can no longer macro for them. Furthermore with the weapons nerf (halloween update) oaths and vastiras became basically useless which made them go down in value even more

b r u h
people used to trade a full freaking sunken set for a strong oath , now a strong oath cant even buy one single piece? unpog

that was on the story update’s release when boss drops (especially oath) had HUGE demand. Things have changed in the 8 or so months since then

wait 8 months?.. oh yeah… i was out for 8 months, w e l p
c a n
t r a d e
F or
a hard exiled chestplate for the same price?

yup its been a long while

wdym? do you mean that you want to offer your strong oath for a hard exiled chest?
if so youre overpaying by a lot

just a mino set and some exiled pieces then, i guess?
i just
dont have a use
for the oath

ye that would be enough for a hard exiled chest
sadly i dont have one, otherwise i would have gladly taken that first deal lol

anyways even if you dont have a use for the oath, you might aswell make profit off of it. Or if you really want that hard exiled chest then sure, offer it anyways. If values dont really matter to you then overpaying doesnt matter either ig.

can a strong sunken sword still buy something?

ofc, do you have 1?


hmm, what would you like for it? sadly i dont have a hard exiled chest and idk if i really wanna trade my hard sunken chest so if youre looking for anything else?

i mean im asking can a
Strong sunken sword + hard exiled leggings + strong oathkeep buy a hard sunken chest + legs

i could also add a strong vastira

ye that offer should be able to get you those items

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