Lf promethues acriomony for 42 arcspheres (i got from my ship merchant)

i need it cuz i really dont like warlord

Trading Discussion is for talking about item values and stuff, Marketplace is for trades.

bro bro bro bro bro do not do that trade that is the biggest overpay I have ever seen! I mean 42 arcspheres? no way you do not need to offer that much.

He will
In fact i doubt anyone will even accept this trade because unmodified arcspheres arent valuable anymore snd 42 arcspheres is a useless amount

I guess he does not know

ye but the total worth I mean like acrimonies aren’t that hard to find or maybe I’m just lucky :smirk:

You are just lucky

:four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:

I don’t even use luck potions lol