Lf Seasonal/s

I have these I could offer for a seasonal:

  • 1x Acrimony
  • 4x Legendary Scales
  • 1x Dark Sea Essentia
  • Powerful Blasted Arcsphere
  • Powerful Blasted Arcmancer Hat
  • 1x Sunken Staff

I’m not looking for any Easter eggs tho

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what u offering for the acrimony. I have like 3 different spell scrolls and some other stuff if u want. I can check when i get home

Im only looking for seasonals rn sorry

2 death crowns for the blasted arc and arc hat

I already got the death crown, my bad if I didn’t erased it. Do you have any other seasonals?

yeah i got a lot

hm, what other seasonals can you offer for the blasted arcsphere and blasted arcmancer hat?

Just message me cuz you cant reply here in 2 hours at the time this message was sent

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