LF Seasonals or Headless. Buying Recovery V Meals



2x axe slash
2x pulsar
4x amplified
3x bursting
2x magnetic
4x swift
6x strong
4x hard
5x lucky
1x sturdy


Bursting Sunken Chestpiece (8 Seasonals)
Strong Ravenna Noble Armor Chestpiece
3x Ravenna Noble Armor Chestpiece
Lion of Ravenna Armor
2x Ravenna Fallen King Boots
2x Lion of Ravenna Leggings
2x Pink Ravenna Noble Boots
1x Cobalt Ravenna Noble Boots
3x Ravenna Apostle Leggins
2x Sunken Iron Boots (5-6 Seasonals)


Sunken Helmet (4-5 Seasonals)
Crown of Fallen King
Cape of Ravenna Loyalty
Hard Lion of Ravenna Helmet
2x Lion of Ravenna Helmet
Strong Archon Quarts Amulet
2x Archon Quarts Amulets
Light Arcsphere
Cernyx Faulds
Amulets (Fair): 2x agility, 1x intensity, 2x atk size, 3x atk speed, hard defense, power, power (strong)

Strong Purple Wizard Robes
Lime Sorcerer Robes
White Sorcerer Robes
Black Sailors Cloak


American Cap
Pumpkin Fedora
Death Crown
Crow Shoulder

3x Kai’s Sabre
5x Noble Thunderspear
2x Sanguine
1x Strong Silent Blades
1x Scimitars of Storm
2x Triasta of Bronze
1x Stormcaller
1x Lance of Loyalty
3x Vindicator
Sunken Sword (10+ Seasonals)
A bunch of Low lvl common. Dm me if interested

11x camp markers



ship parts
6x bronze framing
2x reinforced wooden framing
5x hemp sailcloth
4x lesser metal cannons
1x lesser snow cannons
2x lesser plasma cannons
1x lesser glass cannons
1x lesser poison ram
1x lesser metal ram
1x lesser magma ram

MLF Seasonals, Headless, Sunken Sword

Lf - Calvus Set, Argos Set, Sunken Gear, Arcspheres, Strong, Swift and Hard Scrolls and Amulets

**Buying Recovery IV and V Meals **

NLF - Galleons unless its an Add

(dont dm me asking me for prices/what i give on x thing, i’ll ignore u.)

  • NO REPLY = NTY or Sleeping -
  • I don’t offer, I won’t reply if your message isn’t an offer -
Dm Thundrstxrm#5249

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