Lf someone to go to epicenter with

This is my ship build:Arcane Odyssey Tools (could always remove cannons/mortar)

Also I can’t get on for like 1 week after this post just so you know

Main focus is to get the badge we ignore all the islands

for the love of poseidon (if he is still alive in the arcane universe) please swap out a deckhand slot for one with stability

what were my deckhands rn speed?

4 speed, i recommend 3 speed 1 stability (yes they exist)

do you need 100% to survive layer 5?

so did u want to go with me?

Go in solo stop being a skill isssue.

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no, but it will save you alot of galleons lost on ship repairs (pov: rough waves)

ill join you but we can only do this once nimbus sea update is released, we must wait unfortunately