LF sunken warrior helmet, sunken warrior leggings, atlantean arcanium bracelet


sunken iron helmet (x2)
sunken iron boots

i can give the bracelet

sure i guess but i might not give you any sunken (i might give like 2 atlantean arcspheres)

or i could give you sunken but i would ask for more stuff (send ss of inventory pls, such as legendary reagents or dark sea scrolls or accessories)

what did you have in mind for the part in brackets i’m trying to get you one of those blasted arcspheres currently too

i was thinking maybe some powerful/armored scrolls or legendary scales

also im online rn so join me (Archenhailor)

join me, how many legendary scales seemed fair?

trying to farm akursius keep treasure charts

maybe 3 or 4, also what user


i send 3 and blasted attack size amulet? and atlantean arcanium bracelet i will send the bracelet with essence separate is that fine?

did you still need blasted arcsphere?

i guess i would

trying to get one now taking a while with two roblox open making one really laggy

my pc legit froze and thats why i dc’d

it was the alt and that server i joined just cause it’s low players… definitely not my region

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