Light builds

Recently started the game, what builds are good with the Light magic? i’m using conjurer but my damage right now feels subpar.

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what lvl are you?

mid game conjurers usually struggle since we can’t imbue anything


40, left last night at that level after fishing for 40 minutes straight cause i needed to sleep lol

well that’s the reason why

idk all I can say is maybe just try to find more weapons and forge them, also get swift or strong enchantments on them to boost speed or damage depending on what you prefer.

I feel like conjurers probably start picking up steam around the current max when awakening happens, basically when we can imbue our magics into our weapons. A thing I’ve learned from playing conjurer is that weapons are your workhorse when it comes to dealing real damage, magic is okayish but weapons hard carry.


You replace your damage with absolute speed. I’d recommend using a defense build so you can just “rushdown” your enemies while they struggle to find where you virtually teleported next(insanity).

If he’s going Light Conjuror, he’s better off going with powerful weapons. No need for swift since you already have a ton of speed.

I’m a poison conjurer so I went for powerful stuff to make up for my sob story damage

I’m going Ice Conjuror. Haven’t figured out how to awaken yet, but I have high hopes. I want to copy someone else’s damage/magic size build, but for now I’m going for attack speed, defense, and power.

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