Light Conjurer: Bad? Or Viable?

Hi, its probably weird, but I’ve been trying to make a Light Magic Conjurer, and was wondering if it was worth it to go through all of the trouble for the increased speed.

From what I understand, there are various pros and cons for it, any extra advice is appreciated (also, I dont care about being Metamancer Bot 3000, I just want to know if the coolness factor of Light Conjurer is worth going through the entire story/getting to max level again)

Cool as hell looking
More range for sword (this is just conjurer in general tho)

Shit Damage
Poor for PVE
and i think Blind doesn’t apply on the Imbued strikes, but like, i could be wrong

Can be overcome with a good power set, selectorch runs a light conjurer in some of his vids and still has good damage output (especially with weps like Kai’s Sabre)

I’m pretty sure it does, I’ve heard that they apply when warlocks use it so I assume the same goes for conjurer

ok, thanks, as a bonus question, what kind of set should i look for (i was thinking Carina’s armor, since i think that raises Attack speed+Power, and im too skill issue to kill Calvus consistently).

damage isnt bad considering how fast moves come out, i average 200 damage per attack

nah, i can kill calvus consistently in a min as a light conjurer. the attack speed of light make fast bosses pretty easy, and weapons mitigate the poor cc (in terms of killing groups of people) light has.

i run a mix of calvus, cernyx, and power amulet. if u cant farm calvus, i’d prob go for carina, you really don’t need much additional atk spd with light (imo calvus set is the best with light even if atk size doesnt effect it as much as like magma or metal)

well this isnt no conjourer but it close enough, im a savant with light magic as my second magic so its kinda close

i am using (only saying wepons for your sake) Musket (strong) flintlock (fast) Dual Flintlock (fast) because good damage, insta hits