Light magic decisions

I am currently a light crystal mage and I am wondering if I would be better off with an attack size build instead of a speed build.

I am kinda torn on this because I just spent a soul crushing amount of time grinding carina for her drops.

Or should i just scrap the mage entirely and become a light sailor warlock instead? I saw someone today with a 200 attack size light basic warlock and there attacks were massive because of the size rework. If I switched basic style with sailor style the aoe would be huge. I also have experience with sailor fist because I used to run an ice sailor warlock (before the freeze nerfs).

Or should i just wait until the next update to see if size gets nerfed (usually what happens with op builds). I am not usually this indecisive when it comes to these types of things.

Tl;Dr: Should I switch from light speed mage to light size mage or just scrap mage and go for light sailor warlock

The whole point of light is that’s it’s very fast investing in size isn’t really worth it tbh. As for the warlock question once more light’s focus is speed not size + i believe the size affinity for sailor light is 1.06 so very small

Uhh I don’t mean to be rude but have you read the patch notes for the balance hotfix ? They changed it so that the size stat has more of an effect on small magics. I saw someone today who had punches that hit you when you were behind them. And they were a light warlock

it’s still much more efficient to invest into speed than size though for light because 1.8 speed is HUGE

I mean I was thinking about size because I know that if you invest in size stat with that high bas speed, you will get high speed and size.

No not really you’ll just get pretty decent size and speed instead of normal size and high speed. if you want to go ahead with that be my guess

size is still cooked on light probably ngl