Light - Representing Hope

ty @Phi for the suggestion of hope representing light :>
this took so much time to do, it looked so plain in the end but i took the last minute idea and made some wings for her
shadow will be tonight and paper will be tomorrow :3c


Yes you took uncle Iroh’s wisdom, epic

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If Light is hope then Shadow better be despair

its close, the word is less menacing and less dramatic than ‘despair’, its more blunt in a way like ‘hope’ is.
id use a more menacing/dramatic word if what im going for is darkness, but this is shadow. I do know theres dark lost magic and i might do lost magics in the very future, it has to be a thing in-game first. when there is, despair would be its definite word.

The wings are a very nice touch

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I’m glad
Minutes after posting this I just realized why I made wings for it
Birds are fast

Lol :smile: I was thinking of angels

angels are holy like light
birds are extremely fast
Light is fast
Confirmed I’m a genius without even realizing

:sweat_smile: I would agree

Can’t Wait for Acid because that my Favorite Magic

So when do we get plasma?

I’ll do Acid and Plasma soon :slight_smile: its under ink and im currently doing ink right now

This looks soo nice I am pleased to see this as I am a proud Light user since day one 12/12/2019 never forget.

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light’s pretty fast overall, its nice seeing wings on the background itself representing an angel sort of