Light warlocks unite!

i need light warlocks! you all have been suppressed for too long and now is our time to rise!!!
username: droganite
clan name: Light Warlock is ON TOP

final light warlock logo
come find me in game and join, ur rank will be decided upon how good u are at pvp and perhaps how much infamy you bring

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if ur entire clan is based on one specific build that’s kinda bad…

goofiest logo…

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first valid optical take

you need more goony ass metamancers. light mage for ganks and war. light conj for duels

As a Shadow Warlock, I might just make a Shadow-based clan to oppose you

i know this is ancient but hi!! light warlocks are cool! :light_magic_var2:

Now that I’m thinkin’ about it, I might just make a Thermo/Light warlock

the propaganda got to you.

It would indeed seem so

I’m currently a light sailor warlock (sailor is my favourite so obviously had to choose it)