Lightning users are annoying

Lightning users are tbh the most toxic ppl I’ve met tbh.

I got ganked twice by two different ppl both using lightning for no reason besides passing by.

When I was tryna build my bounty at low level lightning dude kills me for no reason like a punk (I was level 5 at the time breaking bell village)

They’re so annoying

…But you can’t pvp or get pvped until lvl 5.

If u are a threat u can actually get killed by players.

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Huh. I didn’t know that.

Maybe they needed to talk to a working npc, but they couldn’t because of the threat.

This belongs in Game Discussion, so I moved it there.

People like to kill people who start threats. Even if they are extremely underlevel. You just got to get used to it I suppose.
Unless you’re like me, who SOMEHOW bet a level 90 earth user as a level 45.


Pro gamer

Have my respect

I wonder why they killed you :frhigh:

Your point is?

Don’t cause threats without expecting to be killed


Fair point, but I will get my revenge…

Oh yeah i already did it
I a lightning user, but at last i not kill alchemists

Not all Lightning user are annoying and or Toxic, I for one am one of the non-toxic players (:

you think the lightning users NOW are a problem?

pfft, you should of seem them back before all the power reworks
fuck lightning

fuck lightning users

all my homies hate toxic sweaty lightning users

Wait, isn’t Vetex a Lightning User…

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Yeah but he’s the creator he doesn’t have time to be steryotyped

That’s what they all say before you get destroyed by like a wood user lmao

There are toxic lightning users because they are literal children! They don’t know any better! I have a lot and I mean A LOT of things that calm me down around me! All I usually do is bring justice in the game. Trust me (:

Ok mr.I have a neon haired minecraft boy as my pfp that looks like I made it in skindex.

just fight them lol