Likelihood that Morden, Iris, or some other character will fight with us in game?

How likely do y’all think we’ll actually get to fight with one of the other members of the main cast actually in game and not in a cutscene? If you do think we’ll get to then how soon do you think it’ll happen?

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But as a side note, Edward Kenton sorta fights with you during his 2nd quest

Does he like actually fight? The mission is pretty forgettable tbh

I bet 7 pantaloons that Morden will try to kill us at least once in the story. Also, it’s more likely for Iris to get donuted than to genuinely make an attempt on our life.

Oh… you said fight with. Not fight against.

He does slash multiple times, but since you tend to kinda rush into Silverhold, touch some boxes, and then go out, and Edward is kinda clunky to keep up with you in tight spaces such as a hallway, so you spent most of the quest running and blitzing marines while Edward teleports behind constantly.

Well, if we’re fighting with Morden, it’ll probably be similar to the vs. Prometheus boss fight in AA or AR. If it’s a 2v1, he’ll probably get injured bad enough for him to not be able to help a whole lot during the fight and only be able to kite the boss with Death Curse blasts every once in a while. They’ll probably deal a lot of damage but will be used within longer intervals. So, more like a support.

If Morden is not injured or held back in any way, we’ll probably only ever be able to fight with him in a 2v2 or a 2v3+. He’ll deal with his enemies and we’ll deal with ours.

Iris will probably act like a regular NPC in combat(we literally have a boss fight with her) so I can imagine her fighting with our player character in game. Neviro would be the same.

Since we have like zero context on how the whole thing is gonna go down at Sameria, then we can’t say for sure. It’s doable, I’ll tell you that. But I don’t think Vetex will go the extra mile for a small section of the game.

If we DO get it, most likely Iris. We’ve fought her before, so her fighting by our side would be better than any other character since we know how she fights, and she’s decently powerful to fight alongside us.

Also, if it was Morden, there’s a very high chance we will get hurt in the process. He has little to no control over the Death Curse, so him fighting in a team is going to be counterproductive.

Seeing a story chapter akin to the segment where we flee to Ravenna’s eastern shore but with Iris and Morden casting attacks along aside us would be sexy.

during the frostmill storyline

He does, he uses katana skillset.

Also wym, Iris been looking for a fight 7/24 from day one.
It’s already a miracle if we don’t arrive in Sameria just for them to declare a war on us because of her.

Yeah but she doesn’t like actually fight alongside us in any part, the most we get is a cutscene where she shoots some fire to hold off the ravenna soldiers.

The most likely character would probably be Morden, it just feels weird to give the main cast a curse early on without it leading to something

Honestly, I sort of doubt we’ll really see Morden fight like… right next to us. He has one of the deadliest Curses out there, and if that cutscene was any indicator, he seems like he doesnt want anyone being too close to him once he starts using it.

The closest we might get to the two fighting together is sadly not him fighting with us, but rather against us, maybe. I feel like Morden and MC might fight each other at some point. Not a battle to the death, but just out of conflicting interests. This is likely wayyyyy further down the line, maybe in the latter half of our entire progresson.

I figured if we were to fight alongside Morden it’d have to be later or against some sort of boss because he would kinda trivialize most encounters

That is what I was referring to

Okay to clarify, the post is about us getting to fight alongside them in game like we got to with Edward at Silverhold

Sadly… this thread is actually about “Fighting WITH”, not “Fighting AGAINST”.

I dont blame you though, I almost made the same mistake :sweat_smile:

Outside of side-quests, I doubt vetex has any plans for the player to fight alongside npcs given his issues towards making deckhands fights

I don’t see how making Iris or Morden help us in a fight in a main mission is much different from having another NPC do it in a side quest