Likely the worst decision by twitter this year by now
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this means that likely all bot gimmick accounts, including many that are beloved on the platform, are required to be paid to stay affloat.

It’s dying…
All the attention whores and toxic users will now flood into reddit and other social media sites.
This is gonna suck.
To be fair, no twitter user likely has the brain capacity to know what a forum is, so we’re safe, but the whole internet’s gonna get a whole lot more toxic now that the main containment flask has broken.

Oh dear.

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Twitter is dying that means that all the insufferable attention hungry assholes will move to reddit, tiktok, and 4chan. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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I hope they won’t move to Fandom…

You fool
Twitter was meant to CONTAIN THE DEMONS


my boy they will infest everywhere

Good on them on gimmick accounts who keeps selling out to the nsfw accounts, but tragic to those who are genuine about posting things that are cool :frowning_face:


Eh almost every other social media is shit, i don’t see any loss with this :smiley:

The vault has shattered… OH NO

It begins

Its judgement day