Lil question 2

so, i started playing AO somewhere this year, but somewhere in 2022 i was exploring some game’s wiki (presumably WOM because i played it before AO, while its abandoned, then some dude told me its abandoned) and i saw the AO wiki, specifically the stat builds page, and i thought that AO was some turn-based combat game.

so the question is, if you thought that AO was some other game genre, and not the open-world rpg it is, what genre was it in your mind?

something like elemental battlegrounds

I didn’t

i feel like most people on the forums and discord had understood what AO was going to be. I didn’t know what TGR meant i thought it was just a big update but it didnt really matter to me

but if you did?

Adventure Story

idk bro

it meant total game revamp or some


bro the game starts off by saying it’s an open world rpg game

you have to be a bait account bro there is no way you are this dumb

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no he is just optical


rts would be fire tbh