Little detail about chief alfarin

the gem on his cape and his sword’s handle shine bright.

i noticed this a few months ago too, i wonder what it could mean

i don’t think it’s a spirit weapon or anything just because i don’t see it, but i wonder if it could be an artisan weapon

He holds an exalted excalibur with ruby magic!

that’s also possible, but i feel like an exalted weapon would have the magic be on the weapon part of the weapon instead of the pommel

…drawback weapon???

yknow, painite?

Ya, for sure… But it really looks like the oathkeeper…

that’s a good theory, a weapon made with gems to enhance it sounds cool

like, we do the gem-putting thing all by ourselves in a small wooden bench on armor, surely it wouldnt be so difficult to do it on a weapon.

could just be reflectance from other sources of light

Are you looking at the blade by chance? The metal shine is from the light but the gem has its own glow that isnt just shine.

i think this is more of a aesthetic choice
bros got gems on his stuff makes him look cooler. the glow thing is just the material used in studio i think its reflective

im not 100% sure though but this is my theory on it. its rare anything cool like that would just be left there with no explanation, and this is very very early game. i doubt many newbies would know much about anything like a spirit weapon or an artisan weapon

He kinda looks like a viking
Wotan’s long lost son

what if those are actually eyeballs because the cape and the sword are alive and the gemstones have souls in them

Great, when do we fight him so we can take their drops?