nah bro cryo you didn’t have to do time rifts like that :sob:
but if its for the comments thing
:> good enough

There wasn’t rlly much point to keeping it open for so long imo, it already had plenty of votes and the discussion had mostly devolved into “keep this open for as long as possible” instead of actually talking about the suggestion

anyone know why cryo denied the suggestion

I don’t think he denied it he just wanted ppl to stop bumping it

Cryo had enough and it’s understandable

Sorry for the necropost everyone, but making a separate post over this would confuse people more than anything. Hence why I’m commenting here.

  1. Why just why would you want it to be focused on the number of comments. That’s asking for a post lock. Comon folks. Use common sense.

  2. While the common sense was lacking, the sequence of events was funny. The ending being no, you aren’t going anymore than 300 comments make it even more hilarious.

guys!!! 992 more comments to 1000!!!

i could’ve had a baby in this time what are you even talking about

I’ve could’ve seen the end of AO’s development what are you saying?

I’m saying while it’s understandable why Cyro locked it, it’s funny that it even happened to begin with. People could’ve avoided the lock if they didn’t focus on the amount of comments.

i see


how much more do you scroll through old ass forum posts than newer ones

Alot. Maybe way too much