Long Awaited News (2)

MI lives once more!!!

Now specifically about the data transfer part, he said that shortly after this post, he actually learned that it could be possible to transfer some things.

no fucking way monster islands is back

I think I played this game before?

yo nice

peak is back

MI was a thing from like 2015 to 2020 before it died off for the most part.

Its lead developer, steel, decided to start working with typicaltype, who I understand to be a close friend, to add to Epic Minigames.

If you look at Epic Minigames, there’s actually a handful of Monster Islands themed minigames lol.
I haven’t played them myself, but there’s a big sea serpent bossfight with cannons and an overseer hydra boss fight that I forget how it works.

Now, if you read the messages, it seems like Typical has turned around and decided to help fund Steel’s effort to make the game he’s always wanted to.

That’s honestly extremely nice to see and makes me happy.

how peak was mi anyways?

For its time, it was top tier roblox, its age is showing in a big way if you play it now, though.
Even steel admits that lol.

If you want you absolutely can go play it like right now since steel made it FE compatible back in 2018 and from what I’ve heard it still works fine to this day.

I’d suggest bringing a group of other people who have never played the game before, too, if you do that, though.
It is a very co-op game and the few people who are still active are completely maxed several times over lol.

i forgot about monster islands that game used to be peak

Surprised to see someone else mention this announcement

Pleasantly surprised to see that the dev has decided to actually update the game, even after stating that they wouldn’t (ik that the overseer thing was in development for a while but being sponsored by Typical Games might be pretty good)

My heat skipped a beat when I read that my data would be lost, but luckily they just meant that data wouldn’t transfer to a new game.

Oh yeah, Monster Islands. That’s a cool game. Wasn’t he working on some prequel to it?


we’re so back…

That was Elemental Legends a LONG time ago lol

It should also still be playable

It was alright, does get very grindy towards the late-endgame

The glacial crystal grind was a nightmare.