Long-overdue credits for my crossover

So…hi everyone!
I recently started posting my AA/UT Crossover series, but I never credited all the people who allowed me to write it.
Me for writing
Vetex and Tech for magic and lore
@LittleShrekSheep for some of the characters (Juniper, Admiral Silas, etc.) as well as some of the story–this is basically a what-if thing of what if juniper and theos lost at stormwall (please don’t get mad)
@Cryo for their support, they were one of the earliest people to read it, and they also featured it in their Odyssey Feed. That gave me the energy to keep going. Thank you!
@Rake for meaning to swear in a different post and swearing in mine. Thaat made me laugh when they told me.
Toby Fox for Undertale
aaand yeah, that’s it i think!




where am I?? (emotional support)

as i recall you (mistakenly) told me to stfu
so hmm how about…


(complete sentence)

If you wanna get past the complete sentence thing, just replace your parenthesis in the comment i’m replying on with < and >.


UwU 1

UwU a

whats UT