Looking for 3 atlantean essence and 3 explosive scrolls lmk in discord if dont respond


Strong x1
Magnetic x2
Nimble x1
Sturdy x1
Luring x1

Haunted skull chain x2 (seasonal)
Shoulder crow x3 (seasonal)
Vatrachos Cape
Dark bronze armor
Theurgist hat
Theurgist cloak
Arcsphere nova plasma x2
Arcsphere moonlight x3
Attack speed amulet fair x6
Attack size amulet fair x4
Agility amulet fair x6
Defense amulet fair x5
intensity amulet fair x6
power amulet fair x1

Vindicator x3
Noble thunderspear x2
Siren bow x1
Silent blades x1
Lion halberd x1
Lance of loyalty

Dark sea essentia x2

For 3 atlantean essence and 3 explosive scrolls

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