Looking for a clean ss (or a swift one at this point)

Offering :

Strong sunken chest piece (which is literally pseudo clean)
and a clean sunken helmet
(willing to add some seasonals but would like to add a maximum of 5 if needed)

(if iam not responding here dm afhnd#2127)

You would need more sunken

you have no idea how much i heard this for the past week :fr:

nuh uh

swift is better than clean though…

Charge it bro

But fr you do thats how marketplace is

honestly if we are talking about actual use both swift and strong get sent to the shadow realm in AO

No they don’t? Strong and swift for weapons are both still in AO and are both still crazy good, wayyy better than they were in wom

that’s not what i meant. what i meant is both of them are getting enchant wiped in AO getting mixed with other enchants and any weapon that had them in Wom would just become clean. so when trading for a clean or a strong or a swift ss u are basically doing it for the same outcome in AO but with varying prices which i to this day still dont get

Strong on armour is becoming clean not weapons
Swift is not changing

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guess i was misinformed then :fr:

No they’re not?

Again, just no. Weapon enchants aren’t getting wiped, the only enchants getting wiped is strong, one of the speed enchants is get merged with the other, but it’s not getting disenchanted. Only strong on armor is getting disenchanted

figured thanks to the kind sir above :fr:

swift is getting buffed

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Yea I saw that, I just started typing them had to stop to do something and didn’t see that someone had already corrected you


Meant its not being removed or drastically changed

swift on weapons stays
strong on weapons → powerful (same thing but different particles

swift on armors → keen
strong on armors → clean

so with weapons its like when strong first got introduced replacing powerful now its vice versa

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